about us

Our family based transport company is based in Frederick Street, Tottenham. We are a proud trucking company that specialises in grain transport.

Over the past 80 years, we seen many changes in the transport methods from primary producers, but have successfully delivered millions of tonnes of grain and bulk haulage in our distinctive red and white prime movers and tipper trucks all around Australia.

We are the oldest continuous bulk transport provider in Victoria. During our long association with our clients, we have developed strong and durable relationships due to our reliable, professional and friendly service.

We have a large and modern fleet of tipper trucks and prime movers at your disposal 24 hours, 7 days a week. You will always receive personal attention from management who is responsive and proactive to your needs.

Location of Operations

Currently we have the option to garage our transport vehicles in secure premises at, Tottenham VIC 3012. This has many benefits:

    • Vehicles have minimal chance of vandalism, theft and damage
    • Vehicles are available on site 24 X 7
    • Vehicles onsite used for flour / bulk storage
    • Security of product when pre loaded for following day delivery
    • Immediate response for emergency call out loads


As a transport company with the highest professional standards, we fully understand our responsibility to the wider community. Our underlying philosophy is:

“Employees of C.Cockerill & Son shall strive to provide a safe, professional and reliable service to build closer partnerships with our customers.”

We understand that each employee owes a responsibility to themselves and to their families to maintain the company’s high standard of health and safety.

We encourage our drivers to practice self-restraint in the 8 hours leading up to their next trip, in order to ensure that they are fresh and rested when driving on the road.

why choose us


80 years experience in grain carting

You cannot beat experience, we are one of the few carriers that are still in operation and deliver service that is second to none.


Professional and reliable service

From our drivers to our administration, we operate in a code of ethics to uphold professional service as well as reliable and dependable service


Modern, well maintained fleet

Safety is high on the agenda for Cockerill, we take our maintenance of our fleet very seriously and value our drivers.


Experienced and dedicated drivers

Our Drivers are highly experienced and dedicated to delivering great service.


Accredited by the NHVAS (National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme)

You can feel at ease that you are dealing with a reputable company and we comply with standards as well as exceed them


Compliant with HACCP for food safety standards

We haul a variety of goods and we have ensured we meet compliance and regulations.